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Not much to say, except make sure that you’ve eaten before taking an internal flight in Europe – you need to take out a mortgage for a cup of coffee and a cheese sandwich!

Angie was waiting for me as I emerged from the Arrivals gate and got me home safe where we had a Chinese take-away.

Just a matter of sorting out seven weeks worth of images into part 1 of next year’s talks programme – there should be some nice shots there!

Comments on: "Saturday, 30 November 2013 – Madrid to London to Amesbury" (1)

  1. margot spratley said:

    Hi Paulus!
    Welcome home! Glad to hear you’re back in one piece and really enjoyed following your diaries. Of course I skipped the complex details re: cacti species but very interesting to see your comparison between visits and the effects kind continues to have on nature in the name of “progress”. Should have called yesterday but soapy other things got in the way, so hope to speak soon,
    Lots of live,
    Margot xxx

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