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Archive for February 11, 2014

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 – Catavina to Bahia de Los Angeles

S2980 was just a few kilometers from La Mision Catavina, still in the Boulder Fields, along MEX1, prompted by Angie spotting a tall Ferocactus; well, taller than her 1.63 m (5 ft 3″) but not as tell as my 1.94 m (6 ft 4″). It looked taller, standing on a boulder itself.

We arrived in Bahia de los Angeles, via S2981, still along MEX1, at the Echinocereus lindsayi spot – usual number of plants found, S2982  and S2983 both along the Punta Prieta to Bahia de Los Angeles road, with S2983 from the spot overlooking the Bay with a handful of islands seemingly carelessly tossed in the water.

We made straight to Hotel Costa de Bahia where we had a comfortable stay in 2011 as our previous preferred haunt Raquel & Larry’s place, was no longer up to scratch now that Larry had been moved into care in the US by his kids.

Yes they had space for us and yes, I could start with a Margarita and was allowed to buy the glass, so I now have one for each of my stays here.I enquired about the where abouts of the huge Great Dane that had been here last time – sadly he had passed away.

It was the size of the two Margaritas that I downed and my health – yes, another post flight cold, that account for my early night and lack of Diaries. But fear not, all the names of the plants seen have been recorded since 2008 and will be added as soon as health and time-wealth permit.

The number of cacti that accompany us in Baja remains overwhelming.