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Thursday 5 November 2015 Taltal sightseeing

As usual we have been full on since we arrived on 25 October, so it was time for a rest day. Pablo was surprised how shattered he felt, just from bouncing around on tracks and roads for tank-fulls of petrol each day and so was grateful to have a break from the usual up-at-7-breakfast-at-eight-away by nine routine. He climbed back into bed while Angie and I went out to milk some ATM machines as Hotel Plaza does not take credit cards and tomorrow we would have to pay for our seven night stay. We have provisionally booked back in for three nights when Jonathan comes with us. Brian Bates is still in Bolivia, hoping for his passport to arrive so that he can join us.

So today is probably best kept as a photo report as Angie and I spent four hours walking through Taltal, taking pictures of, for us, favourite sights, with happy memories. Just a few for now, with more to be added later once we’re back in the UK.

Well – great idea – accept that the combination of Angie’s laptop and the washing line that passes for broadband does not support uploading the large images. Never mind – I’ll do a catch up on one of the missed days instead.