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Archive for November 14, 2015

Saturday 14 November 2015 – Olmue – the Airport Run

Early get away to get to Santiago Airport in time for Angie to check in and lose her luggage, for Jonathan to arrive and for Pablo to meet a fellow scientist, interested in butterflies, to remove a piece of Copiapoa cinarescens containing the larva that may or may not be responsible for the destruction of Copiapoa in habitat.

Everything worked like clockwork. I watched Angie disappear through the security / immigration gate – see you in just over two weeks! Jonathan was itching to start his Chile adventure while I was keen to introduce his charger for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to mine – now completely flat. It was great to download my images  and to finally know what my next Stop number was. I use these numbers to organise my images – for each number I record the date and GPS co-ordinates and the cacti – other succulents – other plants of interest that were photographed here. I usually include the Stop numbers in my Diaries, so that is a catch up job to do back home.

The journey back to Olmue was nice and relaxed and we made a leg stretch stop in the Sierra de la Dormida to get Jonathan get used to the Chilean flora and see his first cactus in habitat – Trichocereus chiloensis.

Back at Olmue we helped Pablo to move his gear into the Weisser residence and then went for our last meal in Chile with Pablo – nice restaurant in town as the Hotel’s facility had closed early.

Early start tomorrow – we’re down to two in the car!