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Friday 28 October – Salary to Ifaty

The Hotel laundry goes to work

The Hotel laundry goes to work

I believe that the original plan had been to stay two nights at Salary, so I was glad that there was an opportunity to move on a day early to the much more comfortable accommodation at the Bamboo Club on the beach at Ifaty. I introduced the staff to my own variation of the French drink, Pastis, mixing it with a bottle of Sprite into a refreshing long drink. Some French guests looked on in disbelief as I first added an ice cube and then the Sprite to the neat Pastis. Disgraceful. Members of a German coach party seemed to like the idea and were seen to order some themselves.

My chalet had two double and one single bed, all to myself and there were huge ceiling fans to cool me down until the electricity went off after I had fallen asleep. There were three dead cockroaches underneath the beds, but that was the only negative. A huge plus was that while there was electricity, there was wifi in the bar that entertained us with a great range of Rock and Soul music. What a contrast. Obviously I have become a spoilt brat, but hey, I can live with such accusations!  Finally an opportunity to catch up with some 200 emails – mostly adverts and Facebook messages, but also a couple of bookings for talks in 2017.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s zebu cart ride to the local botanic garden!

Friday 28 October 2016 – news flash from Ifaty

We’re back in civilisation for a day or two, which means in the rather comfortable Club Bamboo (http://www.bamboo-club.com/)

There was a small cheer as we hit tarmac for the first time in over a week, from memory.

This is just a quick update for friends and family who might have become worried about the long silence. We’re still having a good time, still very hot & sweaty and amazed at some of the things that we’ve seen that I’ll try to cover in more detail by updating the diaries once I get home.

We know that we’ve hit civilisation when the price of a bottle of cola doubled in price – but still very affordable compared to the UK.

I see that there 184 emails waiting for my attention, so more later, time permitting!


John & Paul

in The Bar of Club Bamboo