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I guess that Diaries should cover the whole day, but sometimes it is more convenient to post an entry towards the end of the day and then miss out what happened next.

Well, today started at about 1:30 a.m. when Alvado drove us back to the hotel after we had dinner with his charming family and had drunk most of his beer. The life of a Cactus Explorer is a hard one.

The getting up the next morning was harder, but fine as long as you take things at an easy pace.

We had a 256 km drive to Caetité ahead of us, on asphalt, which this time turned out to be more of a handicap than a benefit, as the road was in such bad state of repair with holes so large that you could lose a cyclist in them! But the good news is that work is in progress to turn it into smooth new hard top with some stretches already finished.

We found a nice hotel with wifi and despite the early hour, decided to use the rest of the day as a ‘catch up day’, especially now that Marlon had shown me hot to get data into my GPS manually, the hard way! Well that was on Sunday. By this afternoon I was again wrecking my brain as I must have missed out a critical step. But, perseverance pays off, so I now have the next few days of planned stops safely stored away – but had wasted (or rather, invested?) a couple of hours in the process.

No pictures taken at all today, so a chance to catch up and reducing the back log.

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