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We’ve reached the final location of our southern Bahia trip. We’ll stay here until 27 September, when we’ll travel to Feira de Santana to meet Marlon. So no more humping luggage around between car and room for a few days. It also means that we’ll have a comfortable roof over our heads for Christmas, leaving only food to sort out.

Were staying in Pousada Ecológical das Bromélias and it seems that we are the only guests, so the kitchen is closed.

We arrived here too early to book in, so went straight away along BR-052 for some 27 km to the turning to Cafernaun. At this junction there are some stone pebbled hills to the north of the road. Again, I have to say that the size of top dressing used here is ridiculous, but the cacti seem to like it. We saw Discocactus zehntneri ssp boomianus in both its mature and juvenile spination. The strange thing is that it already flowers when the spination is still in its juvenile phase. Also, lots of Micranthocereus flaviflorus (densiflorus), not looking as good as I remembered from 1999 and non in flower, Melocactus glaucescens, at least I think its this plant, not M. azureus, as it has a white cephalium. Cliff found one plant with a red cephalium, but I have not seen the pictures yet. Also found: Pilosocereus pachycladus, P. gounellei, Cereus jamacaru and Pereskia bahiensis.

If today is just a taster of what is to come as we travel around here, then we are in for a treat!

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