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Finaly, signs of life (just) from your intrepid explorers. Finally a wifi connection that does not fall over every few minutes. And finally enough paracetemols to sink a battleship!

Currently feeling as weak as a kitten after the usual flight germs turned into something nastier, so that is 3 times in a row! RSA in 2012, Chile in 2013 and now this shit. Diary entry to myself – must do better.
Spent most of today slumped in the passenger seat of the car – 417 km from San Ignacio to Loreto, too weak to lift the camera. Angie did ever so well driving. Where do I go? straight ahead on  MeX 1. She’s turning into a great cactus explorer apart from getting confused between Pacific Coast and the one on the Sea of Cortez. I tried to explain – tomorrow it is Sunrise pics than San Carlos on the otherside for sunsets. Still, feeling rough in Baja is better than feeling fine in wet and windy Blighty if reports from the home front are anything to go by: stories of glass houses destroyed but fortunately not mine. So no images from me today – camera is just too heavy to lift to my eye to focus although it seems I did manage a few pics taken when Instructed by Angie of scenic shot from the car window – I have no recollection taking them, but they are there and the camera never lies!
It’s one way to keep the daily reports down!

Comments on: "Friday, 14 February 2014 – San Ignacio to Loreto" (2)

  1. What are the “usual flight germs”?

  2. Hi Breck,
    During my last three long haul flights, I’ve picked up a real stinker of a cold. I have anti-flu jabs each year, so it can’t be that. Nose running, swallowing razor blades -i.e. sore throat, no energy; usually gone in 2-3 days but then a bout of sneezing that puts my back out!

    On 15 November, in Chile my ears were stuffed with ‘cotton wool’ that I put down to a sinus infection. As soon as I got home, went to see the doc – straight on to A&E – ENT – tests showed that I had suddenly lost my hearing in my left ear. I now have a constant rushing sound in that ear: tinnitus.

    What ever it is, I would not give up my travels for anything. Internet services too unreliable to post pics now.


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