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With Angie’s cold symptoms persisting and my back still sore, it seemed wise to have another rest day. so no rush waking up – breakfast at 9:15, followed by checking emails before a stroll to the huge Mexican flag on the Marecon. Usually we see this as we drive by, snatching the odd picture while dodging the traffic. This time we caught it from various angles, taking images and movie clips, useful introductios to sections dealing with Mexican cacti in future talks.

We had seen tourists being driven around in a horse and carriage and knowing Angie’s love for horses, we took a spin around time. As soon as we set off, Angie burst out in a coughing fit that lasted almost as long as the ride. When she wanted to say hello to the horse, he did not want to know, clearly offended by the noisy passenger.

We then sat by the harbour and were entertained by the pelicans diving into the shallow waters along the Malecon’s wall. I was sure that some would surface from their dive with a bent beak, but it seems that they had done this before. Angie managed to capture one perfect dive on video, out of many more attempts that were deleted as she lost track of where the bird had gone.

Tomorrow we return to the US. It seems that Angie is now a proper Baja convert!

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