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Normally the day of the flight is a matter of getting up and then waiting. But my flight was not until 23:35, so that would be a long wait.

Ruth and John must have understood and decided to pamper me for one more day by taking me for a day out at Crocodile Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo!

We had a wonderful day, despite a brief rain shower and sat in the famous Crocoseum, an arena where we were treated to endemic birds such as parrots and raptors and (carefully) hand fed crocs.

All the entertainment made the day soon pass and after uneventful flights I safely arrived back home in the UK.

Certainly a very memorable experience with a heap more friends added to my virtual Christmas card list (I’m actually the world’s worst sender of Christmas cards so don’t be disappointed that a seasonal wish here to all my friends around the globe is all there is. It avoids the risk of missing someone out.




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