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Just a week since I arrived back home, I’m off again. Another late night flight, so time to spare to set the scene for ‘Mexico 2014 Part II’.

Soon after the March trip to Mexico I mentioned to my fellow travelers that it would not take much arm twisting  for me to put the plans for Peru in October on ice and repeat the whole trip again to get the benefit of all those Ariocarpus that we saw, but this time in flower!

This time the Tres Amigos are joined by another three: Ian’s wife Sarda, keen to see what all the fuss is about, Alain Buffel from Oostende, Belgium and Bart Hensel, from Vinkeveen in the Netherlands, this time spread over two cars.

Alain has been in Texas and northern Mexico for the last month or so and confirms that the Arios are in bud, ready for our arrival. Some in Texas could just not wait and were already in flower. I’m told that the exact flowering time is determined by when the autumn rains took place. We’ll see. In any event, a stroll through the desert in the Mexican sun is more enjoyable than the cold wet weather that we have been enduring in the UK during the last week. Ironically the sun is out today and it looks like it could be a nice day, so I better get on with a last look at my plants piled in the conservatory and tell them to look after themselves for the coming month.

We arrive back on 10 November and last night I have already booked the ferry tickets for our next trip to Cologne, Germany and a long week at Angie’s Mum’s.

Jetlag? Doesn’t seem to happen if you keep on the move!

As usual, I’ll try to send out daily reports of what we see during the trip, wifi reception and health permitting.

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