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It is always a sad occasion when a trip comes to an end. There was a hint of sadness in the air as Angie and Pablo prepared for their last day in the field for this time. Angie and I have already promised ourselves another trip to Chile in 2017 (must remember to renew my passport that year!). But, amidst the sadness, also the excitement that Jonathan Clark reported that he was just about to board his flight to Madrid from London Heathrow – as one door closes, another opens and we’ll be heading back north on Sunday, hopefully to meet up with Brian Bates in Taltal and with Bart & Marijke who so far have managed to miss us – not intentionally, just the way it has turned out.

We started the morning with our usual last stop, on the rocks of Pichidangui, these days just referred to S107 – the last stop number of our 2001 trip. The usual array of plants were on show again, looking very colourful after this year’s rains.

This time we made a second stop at the southern end of the coast road where the BCSS Conservation Fund had funded the tidying up of an area and had planted it up some of the local flora. There were two notice boards asking people to respect and protect their local flora – a good public relation exercise. We duly had our pictures taken with the sign – the project had been opened shortly before our arrival by no less than Adrianna Hoffmann and Roger Ferryman apparently appearing on TV! We could not compete with that, but the picture of Pablo Weisser next to the sign nicely illustrate two Conservation funded projects together.

Do try to catch our talks in 2016 when I’ll be showing more of our Chilean adventures while I’m sure that Roger Ferryman will do the same.

Who said the Friday 13th was ‘unlucky’? We’ve had a great day!

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