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S2636 - Sarcocaulon sp

S2636 – Sarcocaulon sp

Today was yet another driving day, with four stops (S2635 to S2638). By now we had become used to seeing few plants, but we were heading back towards South Africa where on one day we had seen more different taxa than in all our time in Namibia. And when you do find a plant, like this Sarcocaulon, it has no leaves, flowers or fruits to try to decide what name to give it.  But, to put things into perspective, we would not have seen the plants that we have seen here if we had stayed south of the border.

S2637 - Aloe striata karasbergensis

S2637 – Aloe striata karasbergensis

S2637 - Hoodia sp

S2637 – Hoodia sp

S2638 wind

S2638 wind

Yes, we were back nearing the coast!

A bit farther along it seemed that the fog that we had experienced in Swakopmund was also back. As we heard the noise similar to hail stones hitting the car, another traffic sign explained the noise.

S2638 sand

S2638 sand

The sign was ambiguous; was this a maximum speed recommendation or the speed of the sand particles peppering the car? Probably both, as well as the distance over which we would experience this!

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