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The 500 km from Keetmanshoop to Windhoek competes with a number of other desert drives for the title of most boring stretch of road. The majority of the distance is driven through flat as a pancake terrain on roads where a bend is likely to provide the only excitement of the day. Northern Chile, Patagonia, the Vizcaino Desert in Baja California all join in the competition.

To avoid drivers falling asleep at the wheel, it’s recommended to make periodic stops on the lay bys provided.

S2607 - pull over in the shade of an Acacia tree

S2607 – pull over in the shade of an Acacia tree

Here the excitement is provided by us crossing an invisible line from the subtropics into the Tropics.

S2608 - Tropic of Capricorn

S2608 – Tropic of Capricorn

It was almost a shock to pass this stand of Aloes by the side of the road.

S2609 - Aloe sp.

S2609 – Aloe sp.

OK, the rain has gone, the sun is out, it’s warm, can we have some succulent plants tomorrow please?

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