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At least today’s scenery was a bit more varied than yesterday and various animals helped to keep us alert, like these baboons

S2610 - baboons

S2610 – baboons

near S2610 we saw these Aloes:

S2610 - Aloe hereroensis

S2610 – Aloe hereroensis?

By S2612 the scenery had changed from flat to hilly as we started our descend down the Gamsberg Pass and began to see the first ‘Fat Trees’ which were so loved by my fellow travellers. I’m not so sure, but judge for yourself:

S2612 - Aloe dichotoma and the first Fat Trees

S2612 – Aloe dichotoma and the first Fat Trees in the Gamsberg Pass

… but today the animals made the day

S2613 - Oryx

S2613 – Oryx gazella, the Gemsbok

until we got to the coast and the famous Dune 7:

S2615 - Dune 7 Swakopmund

S2615 – Dune 7, Swakopmund

S2617 - come on David not far now

S2617 – come on David, not far to go now!

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