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Archive for February 8, 2017

Wednesday 8 February – Queratero to Rio Verde

Driving through San Luis Potosi I now felt on more familiar territory, having visited the State three times before.
We passed through the town of Vizaron and stopped at ‘our usual’ Strombocactus disciformis stop S3561.
I can’t remember much about S3562, except that I took two images: one of a Ferocactus echidne, that didn’t turn out too well and one of Mammillaria elongata that turned out worse – time for some more cough medicine and paracetamols.
Alain was excited to show us a Ferocactus at S3563, which he thought looked ‘different’ when he was here in 2016. They did look ‘different’, as noted by Britton & Rose and George Lindsay. who called it Ferocactus victoriensis and F. echidne subsp. victoriensis respectively. When I get home I must look up the differences and also sort out where fma. rafaelensis fits in.