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Archive for February 9, 2017

Thursday 9 February – Rio Verde to Cuidad Valle

I came across a copy of an email written today to Ian Woolnough in response to his email enquiring how I was.
I replied: ‘Could be better! Alain was first to go down with the dreaded lergy. We then took it in turns, me last. Today I was limited to hanging in my seat.

Also lap top is playing up so driving a bit in the dark.’

I still managed to take images at three stops. The first (S3564) was near Rio Verde to show Chris and Jonathan the Turbinicarpus lophophoroides site. Last year Alain and co. failed to find any plants, this year we found more than a dozen very dehydrated plants and holes where plants had disappeared. Illegal collection? Or natural death? A parasite has been observed by others affecting some of the 15 populations reported by other explorers between Rio Verde and Ciudad del Maiz.