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Archive for February 11, 2017

Saturday 11 February – around Ixmiquilipan, Hidalgo

Apologies for the longish silence. First of all, internet facilities, if present, were poor, probably not prepared for four people with electronic gadgets descending on them. Secondly, we met up with Ian and Cliff last night. Cliff reported a news item that the WordPress server had been hit by a hacker. In any event, I have not been able to access it since the previous message. Thirdly, soon after arriving in Mexico we took turns in being laid up by ‘The Airline Lergy’, bugs picked up as we pass through the ‘petridishes of the world’ on the way here. Anyway, Alain was the first to go down – I’ll spare you the details – Jonathan was next, followed by Chris and finally I succumbed. Anyway, after two days of not getting out of the car for stops and not being able to finish off a pint of beer at night – yes, it WAS SERIOUS!!

So, this message comes as a test from Jonathan’s laptop. An earlier attempt to use Alain’s keyboard (thanks for the offer, Alain) failed due to the fact that his laptop has a Belgium keyboard, with all the keys on a UK keyboard taken like a letters from a game of Scrabble, throwing them up in the air and rearranging them in random fashion. The result was worse than my usual laughable attempts, but would have so confused my proofreaders, Jonathan Clark and Brian Bates, to make them reach for that well known song of the 1960’s: They’re coming to take me away haha hihi’ by Napoleon XIV.

So let’s see if this baby runs!