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Archive for February 27, 2017

Monday 27 February – Tehuacan to Mexico City

Just a brief report, just for the record:

Woke up at 7

Breakfast at 8

Left Tehuaca at 9

Arrived at the Europcar drop off atMexico City Airport at 12:30 – just one stop by the police along the way, all very friendly and correct. Police 1 – Cactus Trippers 1.

Arrived at the hotel where Alain and I will spend tonight at 13:15 where Chris paid for two margaritas each. hic.

By 15:15 we suggested that Chris and Jonathan went to the airport, wished them a safe journey and saw them off safely on the shuttle to the Airport T1.

In just over two weeks we’ll be doing the same. Jonathan’s gadgetry reports that the weather in the UK is cold and wet for the next 48 hours, when they’ll complete their journeys back to their front doors. In the remaining time that we’re in Mexico, the weather has an opportunity to progress to Spring.

Both Alain & I in the front seat were quite stressed and therefore exhausted after the experience 4 weeks ago when we were robbed by the police, so we’re now taking a rest before going down for dinner later tonight.

 Picking up a Chevrolet tomorrow for our adventures in Veracruz and Tabasco, first driving back to Tehuacan, a much more restful town, to launch our plans for Mex pt 2 than Mexico City!