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Archive for February 14, 2017

Tuesday 14 February – Metztitlan to Puebla

Ian persuaded us to stay in Puebla to help him celebrate his birthday. Alain asked me about the Dutch / Belgian tradition where the Birthday boy buys the first round to thank his friends for turning up. All I had to say was: Ian buy a drink?

The proposed restaurant had very loud music blaring right at us. Alain, Chris and I both have hearing difficulties and hated the environment so that we moved to another venue after the first round of drinks. Unfortunately, once we had sat down, this venue too turned out to need loud music to entertain the guests, plus, they ran out of food.

Here are excerpts of plants seen quoting from Ian’s missive for the 14th:

‘Today was always going to be mostly a driving day. The first cactus stop was where I’d found a clumping
Mammillaria growing 15 foot up on a Cephalocereus last year. It was still there though looking a bit more shrunken. An opportunity for the others to get more Cephalocereus shots including a seedling.


Cephalocereus senilis

Cephalocereus senilis with Mammillaria clump half way up its stem.

Close up of the Mammillaria clump

Close up of the Mammillaria clump

Before going to the restaurants we had posed for a group photo by an evacuation sign which was only held on by sticky tape. The lovely girl at reception had kindly taken the group picture. Unfortunately the sign had fallen down and broken when we were having the picture taken and when we returned she was quite distraught as her boss was demanding we pay for it (I think she was going to be charged herself but also felt bad asking us to pay). I did offer to tape it back up but no, a new sign is needed. Typical Mexico where most things are broken or heath Robinson efforts but in this case it has to be perfect.’