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There is no rule that says that I have to write the diaries for today.

It was a great day and I took a lot more images (with a total of six stops) than so far, so I must be feeling better, although by no means 100%.

We tried the dashcam out yesterday – the old one we used in Baja in 2016 and I was a little disappointed with how grainy the movies looked. Today we swapped over to the new one and it is MUCH better! The old one kept cutting out – poor connection I guess – as the power cable is one of four plugged into the dashboard, for mobile phones, SatNavs and iPods as well. Tomorrow I will put it in a higher position as today we have the bottom thirds of the screen looking at the windscreen wipers.

Tonight Jonathan discovered that my anti virus software, AVG was blocking access to my Blog, presumably to protect me from the WordPress hackers. There are still other issues to resolve about browsers, so for now pkcactus.info stays asleep. I can’t get into Facebook either, but that is no great shame.
From: Ian Woolnough: excerpts from ‘Monday around Metztitlan’.
‘… we headed off to a location we had gone last year, above the laguna de Metztitlan. At first we were unsure it was the right road as rather than a graded track the road was now concrete. We were here in March and apparently between March and June they had concreted the whole road at the cost of squillions and for the benefit of 130 people. The Stenocactus were in flower but looking tatty and we decided against climbing down … A bit further along we had an explore turning up a 20 headed Ferocactus glaucescens a couple of Mammillaria species and lots of big Coryphantha clavata. There was also the red flowering Ferocactus in bud. Further along again on a rocky bluff there were some large Ferocactus histrix, Dolicothele longimamma and some small Mammillaria compressa types. Retracing our steps we stopped for a wall with Ferocactus growing in it and there were also flat clumps of a nice deep purple flowered Mammillaria.
Our car then made stops for Cephalocereus senilis and Echinocactus platyacanhus carpeting the hillsides. I’ve been feeling a bit feverish and coughy today again so hope I’m not relapsing as the others seem to have.’
PK protests: I did not relapse! I had not got over the cold in the first place! Old folks just take longer to recover!

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