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We headed into the mountains – three SatNav systems coming up with different solutions to arrive ultimately at the same address. We became quite possessive about ‘our’ systems and critical of the others, particularly when Jonathan’s system got us to a dead end. My system also got lost but we could see the workmen laying wet cement waving a warning not to come nearer. Of coarse, such events rendered that SatNav system useless for a while as it persistently tried to get back to the point where that road was closed. Jonathan’s system had an irritating English lady’s voice while Alain’s system did the same in Dutch. My aversion of being told what to do, particularly by a female voice, is well known. No offence intended, Angie.

Much of today’s route was recorded by my dashcam that gives an excellent impression of the changing scenery. I started spotting huge deep green Agave along the side of the road and I’m sure that some will appear at 60 kph on the dashcam output. But we made one actual stop S3598, to take some proper images, with various people included to provide scale.

The sole purpose of staying in Miahuatlan was as a jumping off point for tomorrow’s adventure, the search for Mammillaria bertholdii


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