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In my rush to join the others for breakfast, I failed to report on the last stop of the day, near Zapotitlan. Again, it was Chris, from the backseat, who spotted a large Ferocactus up a track off the side of the road. Alain was driving, watching out for the other traffic, the topez lying in ambush to catch us out and the dogs that paraded the side of the road as potential mobile topez speed regulators, as they have a tendency to cross the road any time they like. I was co-pilot and co-topez spotter, more to avoid the shooting pain in my back as we bumped over them a bit too hard than out of concern for the car’s suspension system.

So, S3613 was identified as F. latispinus, but what do we know, with our brains by know scrambled into a variable Fero cocktail. The plant was some 60 cm tall but seems to be have been the parent of many others as there were a large number of seedlings around.

Nice stop to finish the day.

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